This is what we’re doing

What is this project about?

Casa Marela is developed by EIP, a company with more than 18 years of experience and more than 10 hotels developed, providing solutions economic, financial and operational to different national organizations and international.

Opening soon: winter 23-24

Why to believe
in EIP?

We have a wide network of lawyers, accountants
and investment specialists in USA and Mexico,
we can create safe and efficient structures on both sides
of the border, in compliance with both national and
international laws.

In addition, we have a close relationship with authorities,
architects, builders, developers and investors, as well as
with the business community in Florida and Texas,
which allows us to develop projects with great
potential to generate value.

Join Florida’s most successful
business community

Talk to our staff and get more information
about the opportunities that Casa Marela
and other projects offer.